College Archives & Special Collections had created, coordinated, and managed the exhibits on the walls of the Columbia College Chicago Library for more than a decade, so the exhibits here reflect some of the physical exhibits, now digital, produced based on collection holdings. All exhibits had been planned with campus partners. 

There are also Columbia College Chicago classes and students creating online exhibits including: 

Shapono, Circle of Stories: Works of Sheroanawe Hakihiiwe created by the graduate Art as Practice class, 2017. It features a documentary based on the footage taken when the Yanomami artist visited campus, as well as art inspired by his work. The Sheroanwe Hikihiiwe collection is part of the Center for Book and Paper Arts collection in the archives.

A Protest (ApRoTest) created by undergraduate students in the Creative Communities class, 2019. The class explored concepts of community engagement within the practices of art and design focused on materials held in the College Archives & Special Collections from the Columbia Collective student protest posters and the Chicago Anti-Apartheid Movement collection posters.  

Sherwood Music School Stamps these items highlight rubber stamps found in the Sherwood Community Music School archival collection. Students recreate the ink stamp process from these collection items to better illustrate and create access to the images on each stamp for research use.