The Media Production Center at 1600 South State Street is the College's first newly constructed building. The land was purchased in 2008, Construction began in 2009, and the building opened in 2010. The 35,500-square-foot facility, designed by Studio Gang Architects, houses two film production soundstages, a motion-capture studio, digital labs, animating suites, a fabrication shop, and classrooms. The building embodies the spirit of film as it houses the arch from the former Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, the parent company of Paramount Pictures. Columbia College Chicago also installed a time capsule with items representing college life inside the building, to be opened in 2040, thirty years after the structure was built.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Media Production Center
  • Address: 1600 South State Street
  • Size: 35,500 square feet
  • Architect: Studio Gang Architects
  • Original Name: Media Production Center
  • Land Acquired: 2008
  • Built by College: 2009-2010
  • Original Building Type: New construction