Central storage of important administrative and historic Columbia College Chicago records in the College Archives saves campus units time and space, protects records, and improves access.

The College Archives assists each campus unit with determining record deposit schedules, policies, and access and by providing guidance for record-related issues and questions.

Records Retention

A records retention schedule is a document that lists the names of the record series produced by your office, along with their agreed retention periods and disposition methods. Implementing a records retention schedule ensures all records are retained and disposed according to an agreed upon plan by the department or individual submitting material and College Archives.

What Happens to Your Records?

When submitting material to College Archives, you and/or your department will work with College Archives to identify the different series or types of records being submitted and amount of time needed to inform administrative processes and operational activities, and adhere to legally mandated requirements.

College Archives will work to determine the retention periods for all types of material through an appraisal process with the department or individual submitting the material. The agreed upon retention periods will then go into effect as material is accessioned into the College Archives.

Retention Periods