In 2002, Mayfest began as a month long celebration and in 2004, it became an all-day urban arts festival, now called Manifest.

In 2005, the Spectacle Fortuna, a parade of creativity, debuted. The next year, an island in Second Life was purchased and a student float competition was created. By 2008, the festival had 50 showcases, 14 galleries and 4 stages.

In 2010, Industry Night was added, providing a place where students mingle with professionals in their field as well as the Great Convergence, or the raising of the Manifest star, featuring theatrical performances, music and visual art displays alongside the Redmoon percussion team.

In 2011, the Manifest street team dressed up as birdwatchers and asked people to type up their greatest idea then follow them to a labyrinth where their idea was burned in a fire pit.

Each year, Manifest grows with new activities are added its event calendar. A 200 foot zip line was a main attraction in 2013, complete with BMX bikes and a carousel. Who knows what's in store this year?

This exhibit was created by Creative Writing student, Calley Nelson. / Manifest video