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ARTIVISM READING LIST: Museums and Social Justice

Hammer Curator Erin Christovale on How Museums Can Support Social Justice Jasmine Wahi, Social Justice Curator Common Ground: Curatorial Activism Art Curation as Political Organizing | Curatorial Activism for Social Change Conversations on Art and Activism Why 2021 Will be Momentous for Social Justice in Museums Taking A Stand Against Neutrality: The Role of SocialContinue reading "ARTIVISM READING LIST: Museums and Social Justice"

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Artivism Reading List | Curatorial Activism

“Curatorial Activism” is a term I use to designate the practice of organizing art exhibitions with the principle aim of ensuring that certain constituencies of artists are no longer ghettoized or excluded from the master narratives of art” -Maura Reilly BOOKS Curatorial Activism: Toward an Ethics of Curating Curating as Anti-Racist Practice (available through I-Share)Continue reading "Artivism Reading List | Curatorial Activism"

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