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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover!

Are you interested in hearing real-life stories exploring how members of the Columbia community were able to overcome discrimination in gender, religion, sexual preference, race, class, identity, age, lifestyle choices, or disabilities? If so, you need to check out the Human Library this Wednesday, April 18, 12 – 3 p.m., in the Columbia Library, 624…

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Research Consultations

Did you know? The library offers appointments for personalized in-depth consultation services to support the research needs of Columbia College faculty, students and staff. This service is intended to give you in-depth assistance in identifying and locating the resources most useful for the project at hand. During a research consultation you will have a one-on-one,…

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Rey Andújar: Exploring Dominican Poetry

Chicago performance artist, poet and scholar, Rey Andújar is scheduled to appear at the Columbia Library, 624 S. Michigan, on Thursday, April 25, 7 – 9 p.m. What he’ll actually do is anyone’s guess, according to Columbia College instructor, Jesus Macarena-Avila. In theory, Dr. Andújar will present a lecture on Dominican Poetry to Macarena-Avila’s Caribbean…

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National Library Week 2018

National Library Week  (April 8 – 14, 2018) is an annual celebration of the life-changing work of libraries, librarians and library workers. Libraries aren’t just places to borrow books or study—they’re also creative and engaging community centers where people can collaborate using new technologies and develop their skills and passions. Libraries of all types have…

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The History and Impact of Hip-Hop

The birth of hip-hop can be traced back to a birthday party in the Bronx on August 11, 1973. While DJ Kool Herc (Clive Campbell) had been developing his signature “break beat” style for several months, the huge crowd at his sister’s birthday party really responded. Today, hip-hop is a global juggernaut that has transformed…

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