Printing in the Library


  • Single-sided black and white: $0.09 per page
  • Double-sided black and white: $0.17 per page
  • Single-sided color: $0.38 per page
  • Double-sided color: $0.68 per page


There are 5 Wepa print stations in the library:

  • 1st Floor - 2 print stations with black and white and/or color printing.
  • 2nd Floor - 2 print stations with black and white printing
  • 3rd Floor - 1 print station with black and white printing. 

Who Can Print

All students have a Wepa account already created and tied into their MyColumbia ID account; however, anyone, including faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and visitors, is able to use Wepa printing. 

How to Print

There are multiple options for printing:

  • At a print station: Use a USB flash drive, connect to Canvas, Office 365 or One Drive to print directly at the station.
  • From library computers: All library computers have Wepa printers added so you can File > Print from them. 
  • From your laptop: Download the Wepa print software to your Windows or Mac laptop,
  • From your phone: Download the Wepa print app for iPhone or Android from the respective app store. 
  • From any device: Attach a document to an email from your CCC email address to

How to Pay

Students, faculty, and staff can pay for printing using Columbia Cash on their MyColumbia ID. 

Students, faculty, and staff can also add funds to their Wepa account. Funds can added via credit card or PayPal to a Wepa account at a print station or on the Wepa website. Login and then select the option to "deposit funds" in the upper left corner. Select a deposit amount and a payment method. 

Anyone can pay for printing directly at the print station using a credit card or PayPal. 

Technical Support

Technical support for Wepa printing is available M-F from 6am to 6pm by calling Wepa at 800-675-7639 or using chat support at