Filming in the Library

When appropriate (for example, a simple project like an interview involving 1-2 people and no complicated props), you may reserve a study room:

For larger projects or projects needing public space or large or messy sets/props,

If you are in the Cinema Arts + Science Department, you must contact:

Emily Page, Production Coordinator
Cinema Arts + Science
1104 S. Wabash, Room 501C
Phone: (312) 369-6663 or

If you are in the Television Department, you must contact:

Nicole Hoffmann, Production Coordinator
Television Department
Phone: (312) 369-8524 or

If you are not a major in or taking a class in one of the above Departments, you must contact:

Jen Sauzer
(312)369-7059 or


Brandon Marshall
(312)369-7909 or