Exhibit & Opening Reception Policy

For any proposed exhibits and related opening receptions, please contact Kim Hale, khale@colum.edu

Time Considerations

Displays or exhibit receptions must be requested through the Exhibits Librarian at least four weeks in advance, along with a short description of the planned display and/or reception and a proposed time schedule for hanging art work.

You will be notified within one week regarding the availability of the space requested. 

In case of cancellation, the Exhibits Librarian must be notified two weeks in advance of the planned exhibit or opening reception.

Exhibit Hanging

Hanging of art must occur during the normal operating schedule of the Library. 

The exhibit has to be hung at least three days prior to any event planned around it. Hanging of art work will only be scheduled Monday through Friday. 

All pieces for a display are to be brought in on the arranged day of hanging. Once the exhibit is in place, there will be no additions or changes made to it. 

The Exhibits Librarian will assist in hanging the art work. The work has to be framed or have the ability to be hung on a wall as the Library is not responsible for providing frames. Any frames that require wire must have the wire already attached and should be ready to hang.

Opening Reception

The campus policies related to alcohol must be followed. 

If refreshments are served, then the College unit is responsible for cleaning up directly after the reception ends.

The College unit is responsible for the reception, including publicity, furniture placement, set up, clean up, and restoration of the furniture. 

If a reception is requested when the Library is typically closed, the organizing College unit will pay for the additional security staff fees and must make a written request with the Library Director at least four weeks in advance. Approval or disapproval of the request will take place within one week.

The Library can provide coat racks if needed.

Liability, Volunteers, Signage

The College unit is responsible for providing volunteers to work at the event. 

The College unit is responsible for the creation and placement of signage related to the event in consultation with the Exhibits Librarian and the Space Planning Librarian.

The College unit sponsoring the event will be responsible for any liabilities and/or damages that may result.