Computer & Electronic Resources Usage Policy

Computer Usage

Use of the Library computers is governed by the Responsible Use of Computers, Technology, and Information Services section of the Columbia College Chicago Student Code of Conduct. 

The Library makes computer workstations available for use by students, faculty, and staff with priority given to students engaged in academic work. These computers are provided to support the educational, research, and service mission of the college. Library staff may interrupt users engaging in non-academic computer use when computers are needed for educational purposes. 

Computer users are required to authenticate on the computer using their MyColumbia ID number. Limited guest access is available for qualified users. Inquire at the Service Desk on the 1st floor. 

The Library works closely with the TRIO Conaway Achievement Project Office and Services for Students with Disabilities in providing services to all special needs students, staff, and faculty. If you need help accessing a computer, please ask for assistance at the Service Desk on the 1st floor. 

Users may not install or download any software or attempt to alter software configurations. See our list of software programs available on library computers for more information. Files should be saved to a USB drive or cloud storage. Files saved to the hard drive are deleted daily. 

Users should not violate copyright laws or license agreements in their use of the Library computer workstations. 

The Library welcomes the use of laptops and other personal computing equipment by students, faculty, and staff. Users may connect personal equipment to the Library’s wireless network, which is available on all floors of the Library. Users may not unplug any of the Library’s equipment or cables. Use of personal equipment, such as extension and power cords, must not pose a safety hazard for others. 

Parents or legal guardians of minors are responsible for monitoring the Library activities of their children. Supervision of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the attending parent or guardian. 


Library computers on various floors of the Library print to public printing stations as part of the campus-wide printing services provided by Information Technology. For up-to-date printing information, including cost, refer to 

Electronic Resources Usage

Electronic Resources available through the Columbia College Chicago Library are licensed by the Library for use by authorized users. Authorized users are defined as current students, faculty, and staff as well as emeriti faculty. 

Authorized users may access these resources for noncommercial, educational, and research purposes only. The terms and conditions of these agreements with the vendors and publishers of these electronic resources regulate their use. Large-scale systematic downloading of articles or other information, sharing of articles or other information with individuals at other institutions, and using such articles and information for commercial purposes is prohibited. Individual database providers can and do monitor online activity. Violation of a database provider’s terms and conditions can result in cancellation of service for the entire campus. 

Off-campus access to the Library’s Electronic Resources is restricted to currently enrolled students, current faculty and staff, and emeriti faculty. Current students, faculty, and staff will be required to authenticate using their MyColumbia ID before they can access Electronic Resources off-campus. Emeriti faculty can email the Library for assistance accessing Electronic Resources from off campus: 

Note: Many licenses prohibit the downloading and posting or emailing of licensed content, even if it is for educational use or being posted in a Learning Management System. In general, it is preferable to create a link to articles (using an appropriate authentication mechanism and a permanent reference link) rather than download and post articles to class web sites or email articles to students. 

If you have questions about using Electronic Resources or creating shareable links, we may be able to help. Email us at: 

Any patrons violating the policies listed above will be asked to terminate their sessions immediately. If the violation continues, the patron may forfeit the right to use Library computers and Electronic Resources and may have Library privileges suspended. 

Updated: July 2023