Library Mission & Values


The mission of the Columbia College Chicago Library is to support Columbia College Chicago and its academic programs by providing access to information resources and teaching students to evaluate and use them. Our Library has a teaching mission, and is committed to preparing our users to be lifelong learners in an information rich society. It is a gathering place for intellectual and artistic freedom and expression, where we consistently surprise and delight our community with a fierce dedication to coloring outside of the lines in support of lifelong learning. 

The Columbia College Chicago Library will fulfill this mission by providing:

  • Relevant, organized resources in support of academic programs.
  • Unique primary resources.
  • An active instruction program dedicated to teaching students to be competent researchers and information users.
  • Student-centered services and programs.
  • A robust liaison program serving College departments.
  • Clean, well-lighted, and welcoming spaces that promote research, reflection, and collaboration.
  • Virtual and physical access to resources.
  • Appropriate technology to promote communication and learning.
  • Effective and visionary library management.
  • A knowledgeable, accessible, and engaged staff.


These values guide our work within our Columbia community and beyond:

  • Leadership-anticipate trends, and lead in bringing new services and resources to our community.
  • Accountability-are good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, and are responsive to our faculty and students.
  • Collaboration-work together across boundaries to accomplish common goals and foster community.
  • Creativity-encourage experimentation and innovation.
  • Curiosity-embrace curiosity as a catalyst for lifelong learning.
  • Fun-recognize fun as a vital component of what we do.
  • Openness-provide equitable access to information in a welcoming and supportive environment.
  • Respect-honor differences to create an inclusive atmosphere where diverse voices are heard.
  • Service Orientation-listen to our community, and connect it with high-quality and relevant services.